2 Dozen / Dos Docenas

These amazing Mario cupcakes are printed with sugar paper and placed on top a round fondant disc. These cupcakes come in a variety of three-four different photos and one custom signed cupcake.

Cupcakes are ordered by the dozen. Special prices for more than 100 cupcakes. 

Our Flavors / Nuestro Sabores

Vanilla / Vainilla


One Week In Advance / Pedido Entre Una Semana

Vanilla With Coconut / Vainilla con Sabor a Coco

Red Velvet

Carrot Cake

Tres Leches

Chocolate Chip

Fun-Fetti / Con Sprinkles Por Dentro

Our Fillings / Nuestro Rellenos

Raspberry Jam / Mermelada de Frambuesa

Strawberry Jam / Mermelada de Fresa

Chocolate Pudding / Pudin de Chocolate

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