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Cake Terms

I understand that by waiving delivery of my cake/order, I am taking full responsibility for this item and will not hold Familia Bakery responsible for any damages that may occur to the product once it passes into my possession. In addition, I agree that by choosing to forgo delivery and set-up by Familia Bakery, I have forfeited the right to have Familia Bakery available to repair any damage that may occur to the cake after I take possession.


With regards to transporting the cake, I have been advised by Familia Bakery and understand that I must have a clean, flat surface to set the cake on while driving. I MUST have an air-conditioned vehicle and the chilled air must be able to reach the cake. I understand I should be accompanied with someone to help secure the cake. I should never have any one hold any part of the cake on his/her lap. I understand that it is recommended to increase and decrease speed gradually to ensure there is no jarring or sudden movements. To turn corners slowly, the sharper the turn, the slower it should be maneuvered. 


Tall layered items (tier cakes) can shift or topple over if turns are not made gently. If damage occurs and you wish to return to the bakery to fix the damage, you will incur a charge of 50% of the value of the total price of the item if repairs are accepted by the person in charge. Be aware that the cake should be kept at a cool and dry area.


Warm and humid temperatures can cause breakage, condensation, melting and/or cracks.


The bakery is not responsible for a shortage of cake due to improper cutting by someone not employed by the bakery. The customer also agrees and acknowledges that the bakery is not responsible for lack of guests and surplus of cake at the event after the cake has left the bakery from pick up or after the customer has signed the form once delivery is completed. The bakery is not responsible for damages to the cake due to improper temperature setting; for example, icing, fondant or frosting melting in warm conditions exceeding 76 degrees Fahrenheit. 


I understand that I must keep the cake in a temperature controlled environment at 68-75 degrees. Due to condensation, I will not refrigerate the cake(s) that contain sugar printed paper and/or fondant items to prevent melting and condensation. I should not place the cake in an outdoor or non-air conditioned environment as this could cause the cake to fail. Familia Bakery is not responsible for any damages to the cake caused by a guest, caterer, or any other person not employed by Familia Bakery.



We do not sell real flowers or accept real flowers to be added on cakes. They may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. Due to this, Familia Bakery will not place fresh flowers on the cake. All cakes, fillings, and frostings may contain or come into contact with soy, wheat, gluten, dairy or nuts. You acknowledge that you are responsible for informing your guests of this allergy information.


Client assumes full responsibility for making sure all non-edible cake décor are removed from the cake before it is cut and served. Some fondant, sugar paste, etc. items are made from edible materials, but are not intended for consumption as wires are added for strength and flexibility to achieve a more natural look. DO NOT EAT DÉCOR.


Should you cancel your cake order for any reason, the deposit and full value of the cake is non-refundable. You may change the date and time at least 72 hours before pick up.


Familia Bakery's obligation to perform will be modified to the extent necessary based on transportation problems, delays in product delivery, inclement weather, acts of God, illness, or other causes beyond the bakery's control that make it impossible or impractical for Familia Bakery to perform. Client understands that Familia Bakery is not responsible for the condition of products following outdoor setup. Due to the effects of outdoor weather conditions, table on unleveled ground, wind blowing undesirable atmospheric items (e.g., dirt, leaves, or branches), sunlight, insects and other wildlife, it is understood that products such as icings, fillings, cake decorations, etc, may not hold up and cannot be insured past satisfactory delivery. A delay in transit shall not constitute grounds for a discount or refund.


Familia Bakery may take photographs of its cakes or may order copies of pictures from your photographer. We reserve the right to use any photographs for our own reference or for display and/or promotion without your consent or compensation to you.


Only the Client(s) or their wedding planners are authorized to place an order or make changes to the cake. No other individual (e.g. mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sibling, relative, friend, etc.) shall contact Familia Bakery directly regarding the order. The size of the tiers will be adjusted to accommodate the correct number of servings based on our standard slices of eight (8) cubic inches, three to four (3-4) inches high, one (1) inch wide and two (2) inches deep. Familia Bakery is not responsible for shortage of cake due to incorrect guest counts or failure to cut industry standard sized slices. A nonrefundable deposit of at least 50% is required to place an order and secure a delivery date should the total price exceed $100. The remaining balance is due before the delivery date, failure to pay prior to the delivery date will cause a cancellation to the order and no cake will be made. Client will provide clear delivery instructions to location and inform Familia Bakery of any adverse conditions or obstacles that may hinder the delivery and affect the quality of finished cake(s). 


By making the order, you (the customer) agree and understand to the above charges and conditions.

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